What attracts earwigs in your house?

What attracts earwigs in your house?

Earwigs are small, eight-legged creatures that live in and around the homes of humans. While they are not harmful, earwigs can be slightly annoying because they like to crawl into things and build their webs. Thankfully, there is no need to panic if you find an earwig in your home. Here’s what you need to know in order to get rid of them safely and efficiently.

Earwigs are attracted to moisture

Earwigs are attracted to moisture in the air. They will crawl around on surfaces that are moist and will build their nests there. One of the most common places where earwigs live is in the walls of homes, where they can hide in cracks or crevices. Earwigs also like dampness near water sources, such as under doors or in closets.

If you see an earwig in your home, it is usually not a problem. They are harmless creatures and will usually move away if you try to remove them. However, if you find that they are occupying a lot of space or building nests in places where they are not welcome, you can try to get rid of them using common household insecticides.

Earwigs are attracted to food residue

Earwigs are attracted to food residue, which can be found on dishes, countertops, or food storage containers. Earwigs also prefer dark and damp areas, so they may be found in corners or near plumbing. If you’re seeing an increase in earwigs in your home, it may be beneficial to clean up the area where they’re attracting their food.

Earwigs can be removed by hand if they’re small, but it’s usually best to call a professional. Earwigs can cause damage to property and food if they’re not removed.

Earwigs are attracted to warm environments

Earwigs are omnivorous insects that feed on a variety of insects and spiders. They are attracted to warm environments, such as openings in walls and ceilings, where they can enter to prey on other creatures. Earwigs often build their nests near warm areas, such as the heating vents or fireplaces.

If you are seeing an increase in earwigs in your home, it may be because there is a warm environment nearby that is attracting them. You can try to make the area less warm by closing any openings or vents, and using sealant or caulk to keep the area cool. You can also try removing any food sources, such as insects or spiders, from around the home.


Earwigs are attracted to moist environments, and they love to live in homes with leaky roofs or plumbing. They can also enter through open windows, doors and attics if the weather is warm and humid outside. If you see earwigs around your home, it’s important to close any openings that might be leading them inside, seal up any holes in the roof or walls where water can drip in and treat the area where they’re living with a pesticide as soon as possible.

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